Marinated Vegetables, seafood and meats for BBQ


Product                                                                Rate per kg.

Marinated Vegetables on skewers                    600
Panner satay with peanut sauce                     1200
Corn on the cob with herb butter                       300

Beef & Pork

Product                                                                Rate per kg.

Beef tenderloin with Kansas style sauce       1500
Beef tenderloin teriyaki sauce                         1500
Beef burger patty 120gm x  10Nos.                1500
Beef satay(tenderloin) with peanut sauce     1800
Pork satay (tenderloin) with peanut sauce    1400
Plum & oyster glazed pork chops                    1000
Char Siu pork tenderloin                                   1300
Marinated Pork sausage                                  1000
Pork  burger patty 120gm x  10 nos.              1500


Product                                                                            Rate per kg.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce                               1200
Honey & oyster glazed chicken                                     800
Marinated chicken sausages                                        900
Kansas style chicken wings with mopping sauce     900
Thai style chicken                                                           800
Ginger hoisin chicken skewers                                     900
Teriyaki chicken wings                                                   800
Chicken  burger patty    120gm x  10 nos.                1400


(Rates are seasonal & may vary according to weight)   

Product                                                                Rate per kg.

Lime, Garlic & herb butter prawns                  1700
Prawns with ginger and soya sauce               1700
Bacon wrapped prawns                                    2000
Thai style marinated basa fish                           800
Thai or Mediterranean style Sea bass

/Snapper in Foil                                                  1200

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Note: Rates are not inclusive of delivery and service.
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