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Tuckin is the Retail and Franchise division of MaBaker.

​Tuckin is a Cake shop with an attitude. Our design, layout  and range of products are significantly different than your average Cake and Coffee Shop.


Business Model- Since individual involvement is required to make the outlet successful, we follow the Franchise model. 


Location - Minimum area of 150sft in a busy location. Your own Garage/office space or a small garden space also would be ideal. 

Tuckin menu - Easy take away food and drinks (Menu will be finalised based on location and availability of space) 

Desserts and Cakes served with sweet and sticky sauces, Steamed buns (bao), Sweet Flavoured stuffed breads, Sliders & savoury breads, Packed Meals, Select Beverages and lots more ...

Call us on 98440 73437 to discuss and plan out your Tuckin outlet.

Thanks! Message recieved.

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